A simple guide to build an image classification model in Python using the ResNet-50 convolutional neural network architecture

The image classifier detects Channing Tatum in this image with 95.9 % probability (img source)


  • What the intuition is behind the process of a deep learning convolutional neural network
  • How to install the keras_vggface library and use these models in a real life project
  • How you can let the model generate a prediction on which celebrity is most similar to…

Use Python to get a detailed view on your customer key metrics by performing a cohort analysis

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This Article is for You

  • Why your churn rate is vital for your business strategy
  • How you can calculate Customer Churn and Customer Retention
  • How you perform a Cohort Analysis to take into account the customer lifetime cycle in Python


Trade-off of automating this process
  • pywin32: This package is basically vba for python. It allows us to interact and automate Windows applications with python.
  • os: This package allows us to use the operating system.
  • glob: This package allows us to create a list with the different file locations
import win32com.client
import os
import glob
  • You initialize the win32com and…

Trade off of automating this task

Situation to be automated


  • source location: the location of where you store all your received e-mails
  • output location: the location of where you want to output all the excel attachments

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What You will learn in this article

  • Convert multiple currencies to one single currency
  • Apply historic exchange rates
  • Apply this on a pandas dataframe

Let’s get you started!

  1. Download the dataset
  2. Import necessary python packages
  3. Load in the data
  4. Apply currency conversion over the dataset

Step 1: Download dataset

Step 2: Import necessary python packages

!pip install forex_pythonfrom forex_python.converter import CurrencyRates
import pandas as pd

Step 3: Load in and prepare the dataset

Automate The Audit Process With Python

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What You will learn in this article

  • Reduce your time sampling from one hour to one minute
  • Example code on how to transform your file to the best format
  • Rationale behind the steps


  1. Load in the population in Python
  2. Remove the entities not in scope
  3. Create a random sample
  4. Export to excel

Step 1

Valuation 💰

  • EV / NTM Revenue

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  1. How you should use the Pandas transform function in combination with groupby()
  2. Use cases of the transform function

1. Pandas transform function


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